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Western novels, historical fiction, and stories for children

Historical Fiction to Help Your Children’s Minds Grow

Dan Bradford knows that stimulating imagination and fostering education are two of the most beautiful gifts for young minds. Through his historical fiction and children’s stories, he encourages his audiences to express their own creativity by sharing his gifts with them. Dan enjoys setting many of his stories within historically accurate events and times. Readers young and old will be delighted by these authentic scenes. He brings the 1870’s West to life as well as providing a unique perspective on well-known classic tales.

Dan’s love of the written word spans multiple genres. His newest work,Bo Henry at Three Forks, is a new addition to the genre of western novels. He is also an experienced scribe of historical fiction for young adults and young children with titles like Wewes, The Pilgrims, and the First Thanksgiving. Akabish’s First Christmas and Akabish’s Long Journey which is found under the category of books for children.

Dan Bradford is One of the Latest Western Novel Authors Bringing Historical Fiction to Life

Dan is one of the newer western novel authors. His novel Bo Henry at Three Forks was published by Savant Books and Publications in January 2018. Detailed with historically accurate scenes and settings, Dan’s story takes the reader on a wild ride with Bo Henry, a newly appointed U.S. Marshal as he sets off to rescue his partner’s wife. Bo soon finds out that riding to the rescue can become much more than he bargained for.

Even using his quick mind and lightning fast reflexes, Bo is still going to need help to accomplish his mission. Enjoy Bo Henry’s adventures as he rides across America finding a true friend in Daniel Blue and love with the captivating Rose O’Reilly. Dan presents a historical fiction character, Bo Henry, as a man facing serious, often complicated, yet realistic decisions his audience can appreciate.


Bo Henry at Three Forks


Bo Henry sets out to fulfill his dream of becoming a U.S. Marshal in the 1870’s West by attempting to rescue the wife of his partner, Daniel Blue, from kidnappers. Along the way Bo discovers true love in Rose O’Reilly while solving several additional crimes using his lightning fast gun and Daniel’s quick mind.

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Other Books

Veteran Stories, Fiction, and Poetry from the People Who Were There

Pictures of humanity are captured in amazing detail in these veteran stories. These collections will inspire, educate, and astound those who become caught up within these moving pieces of literature. Fiction, poetry, interviews, and essays are beautifully accompanied by breathtaking photography. All the contributions to these collections are either active military-service, veterans, or their families.

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Vol. 1

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors is an anthology of military stories, fiction, poetry, and other writings from veterans and their families from across the nation.

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Vol. 2

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors is an anthology of military stories, fiction, poetry, and other writings from veterans and their families from across the nation.

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Vol. 3

Dan Bradford’s short story “Moments: Forgotten,” featured in this anthology, relays the disturbing effect of recurring war memories as only a veteran can depict them.

Keep Your Kids Reading with These Young Adult Historical Fiction and Children’s Books

These young adult historical fiction books for preteens and children fuel a young reader’s imagination with every turn of the page. Follow along as the young reader relives the First Thanksgiving, witnesses the First Christmas, and experience the miracle of the Easter story from a unique perspective. Watch children smile, laugh, and learn with these amazing books.

Wewes, The Pilgrims and The First Thanksgiving

Join John Billington as he arrives in the New World aboard the Mayflower. As a young boy, his courage and bravery are tested as he embarks on several journeys.

Akabish’s First Christmas




Share one of Dan’s beautifully crafted children’s books with your child today. This is one of the most unique adaptations of the Christmas story in children’s books. This timeless story will warm the hearts of all ages.

Akabish’s Long Journey




Akabish’s Long Journey continues Dan’s list of excellent books for kids. After witnessing the miracle of the First Christmas, Akabish feels she has yet another web to spin.


Dan Bradford

Dan Bradford is the father of three daughters, grandfather to nine and great grandfather of two.  A former engineer and military veteran, born in Minnesota and now residing in Nevada, Daniel turned to writing first as a hobby and then as a full time endeavor. His love of creating historical fiction spans multiple genres including the western  Bo Henry novels, science fiction and children’s books. He began the Bo Henry saga after his success with the two  Akabish stories for children and his published short stories in the Proud to Be military series. Currently working on a fourth science fiction novel and a third western in the Bo Henry series, Dan particularly enjoys his time with Charyl (Sherry) Wojtaszek, his significant partner and enthusiastic supporter of his projects.

Start Enjoying one of the Most Unique Historical Fiction Authors.

Preteen and Children’s Books Encourage Imagination Through Education

Dan has his own rich family history which he brought to life in the young adult book Wewes, The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving. Dan traces his lineage to the very Pilgrims who landed in America in 1620 in this amazing historical fiction. He uses this knowledge to bring surprising accuracy and detail to this young adult fiction. Follow the story of John Billington, a young boy who has arrived on the Mayflower. Through his action and those of Canonicus, King of the Narraganset, Massaoit of the Wampanoag people, and Somoset of the Abenaki the tradition of Thanksgiving was initiated.

Akabish is a small spider on a very important mission in each of her two adventures Akabish’s First Christmas, and Akabish’s Long Journey, two excellent books for young children. Join Akabish as she witnesses the First Christmas from the corner of the manger. Though she cannot understand the language she is awestruck by the excitement of the events unfolding before her. Her tale is taken a step further in Akabish’s Long Journey as she embarks on this heartwarming Easter tale of inspiration and understanding.

Military Stories from Someone Who Was There

Dan has been published in three of the Proud to Be anthologies volumes 1-3. These collections of poetry, fiction, photography, and interviews are published annually by Southeast Missouri State University Press in cooperation with the Missouri Humanities Council’s Veterans Projects and the Warriors Arts Alliance. Dan’s stories “Moment Two,” “Moments: The Beginning―TheEnd,” and “Moments: Forgotten” are included in the collection. Each one is a raw, heart-rending recollection of Dan’s time serving in the Vietnam War. You can also find other veteran’s stories, World War II stories, and more war stories from other conflicts in which brave American men and women have served.


An adorable story. Perfect for the season. Dan Bradford has retold the wonderful story in a unique way that will appeal to all children and adults. It makes a great gift! – tanzablu (online reader)An adorable story. Perfect for the season. Dan Bradford has retold the wonderful story in a unique way that will appeal to all children and adults. It makes a great gift! – tanzablu (online reader)



This collection of writings gives a rare insight into the hearts of its veteran authors. A moving tribute to our nation’s warriors. – DeVonna Allison.



A sweet, wholesome romance and adventure story! – A. Gale