Wewes, The Pilgrims, and The First Thanksgiving

Young Adult Fiction That Emerges Young People in a Historically Accurate World

Join John Billington as he arrives in the New World aboard the Mayflower. As a young boy, his courage and bravery are tested as he embarks on several journeys into the wild where during one foray, he becomes lost. John possesses a profound and deep respect for nature and all of its creatures. It is this love of nature and his new forest friend that save him from certain harm. Throughout his journey, John shares kindness and understanding. As a reward, his actions are instrumental in bringing together the Pilgrims, the American Indian tribes of the first Thanksgiving, and the fifty years of peace that follow.

Keep Young People Reading With This Young Adult Fiction

Using primary sources, Dan Bradford researched the specific points for this young adult historical fiction for young adults. He wanted to ensure that every detail was historically accurate.  The clothes, settings, and even the dialogue come from referenced documents written by Mayflower passengers. Dan wanted the story of John Billington to be historically accurate, yet imaginative to explain a missing detail in the real story. Dan Bradford’s goal was to create an exciting and factual tale for young adult readers of historical fiction.

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