Meet Dan

Dan Bradford is the father of three daughters and the grandfather to six boys and three girls. A former engineer and military veteran, born in Minnesota and now residing in Nevada, Daniel turned to writing first as a hobby and then as a full time endeavor. Four westerns, three children’s books, three science fiction novels and three published short stories later, he began the Bo Henry saga. He is  currently working on a fourth science fiction novel and a fifth western in the Bo Henry series. He particularly enjoys his time with Charyl (Sherry) Wojtaszek, his significant partner and enthusiastic supporter of his projects.



Saydee Lanes entered a contest that Mr. Bradford created to find a talented young artist to illustrate his children’s books. Ms. Lanes was selected out of several candidates from  four local Minnesota high schools. She is an accomplished artist with several awards for her work, some of which has been chosen for exhibit in art galleries. She looks forward to continuing her work as founder of “Loopy Bear Illustrations.”  Saydee has collaborated with Dan illustrating his  “Akabish’s First Christmas,” “Akabish’s Long Journey,” an Easter story, and “Wewes, The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving,” an unusual story based upon actual events and featuring Dan’s ancestor, Governor William Bradford. In addition, Saydee illustrated the cover of  Dan’s first western, Bo Henry at Three Forks.

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