Akabish’s Long Journey

Put Akabish’s Long Journey at the Top of the List for Captivating Book for Kids

This is a Book for Kids the Whole Famlily Will Love

This is a Book for Kids the Whole Famlily Will Love

Akabish’s Long Journey continues Dan’s list of excellent books for kids. After witnessing the miracle of the First Christmas, Akabish feels she has yet another web to spin. Follow her along on this amazing journey to finish what she started so many years ago. Start at the humble beginnings of the cattle stall and get swept away with Akabish as she discovers her place in this majestic world. This book is beautifully illustrated and it is a wonderful book for kids to have read to them, or to curl up with on their own. 

Teach Your Children with One of These Appealing Books for Kids

In this excellent book for kids, they will learn that honesty and belief in oneself is the key to overcoming anything. Follow along with a much older Akabish as she faces some tough challenges. She shows us that even though things may be difficult and confusing, you can still find your way. Akabish’s First Christmas is another of Dan’s wonderful books for kids.

About the Author

 After the success of Akabish’s First Christmas, Dan Bradford felt compelled to finish the saga and write Akabish’s Long Journey. His gift to his family and all of you would not be complete without it. “Once I started writing, I couldn’t stop. The words just flowed out of me and onto the page.”

About the Illustrator

This is Saydee Lanes-Tschanen’s second book collaborating with Dan. She is a talented illustrator who brings the pages to life with vivid colors and warm expressions. Saydee’s work has been displayed in art galleries and local businesses.

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A Fantastic Book for Kids That They Will Want to Read Again and Again!
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