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Keep Your Kids Reading with These Young Adult Historical Fiction and Children’s Books

These young adult historical fiction books for preteens and children fuel a young reader’s imagination with every turn of the page. Follow along as the young reader relives the First Thanksgiving, witnesses the First Christmas, and experience the miracle of the Easter story from a unique perspective. Watch children smile, laugh, and learn with these amazing books.

Young Adult Historical Fiction for Preteens They Won’t Want to Put Down

Young Adult Historical Fiction for the Whole Family

Wewes, The Pilgrims, and the First Thanksgiving

John Billington shares profound love and respect for nature and its creatures in the New World. John’s courage is put the test as his trials put him in a unique place to help facilitate the First Thanksgiving in this young adult historical fiction book. This book interweaves an explanation for a mysterious event with an actual event. CLICK HERE to read more.

Teach and Inspire with These Children’s Books 

Akabish’s First Christmas 

Follow along with the story of the First Christmas as told by an unlikely witness. Akabish is a spider in the upper corner of the manager. Although she cannot understand what is being said below in this remarkable children’s book, she is awestruck by what she sees. CLICK HERE to read more.


Akabish’s Long Journey

Akabish starts a journey that she is compelled to see through to the end. This is one of the most fascinating books for children Dan has created. Feel the urgency with Akabish as she sets out on the most profound odyssey a little creature could possibly undergo. CLICK HERE to read more.


About Dan Bradford

Dan is enthusiastic about the several pieces of historical fiction he has created for readers of all ages. For younger children, he penned the illustrated books featuring Akabish the spider. Bo Henry at Three Forks makes him one of the newest additions to the adult western novel authors list. As a featured author in the Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors, Dan Bradford adds his perspective to the repository of the World War II stories, Vietnam stories, and other amazing military stories. He is pleased to make these collections available to his reading audience through his web page.

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