Bo Henry at Three Forks

The First of Dan Bradford’s Western Books

One of the Great Historical Fiction Western Books

One of the Great Historical Fiction Western Books

Bo Henry sets out to rescue his wife’s partner in one of the most thrilling western books for adults. With warrants issued by Federal Judge Roads, he sets out to hunt down, arrest, and transport the three criminals to the judge’s court in Kansas City. Shortly after beginning his quest he interrupts the hanging of Daniel Washington Blue. After extricating Blue, the two become allies to rescue Blue’s wife and solve several other crimes. Bo discovers true love with Rose O’Reilly and vanquishes several criminals throughout the West with his lightning-fast gun and quick mind. Set in the 1870’s this is one of the historical fiction western books that will thrill from page to page. 

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One of the Western Books that Inspire Adults and Teens

Bo begins his quest as an inexperienced young man with a strong ethic and a quick hand. His world is altered by his growing friendship with Blue and his impassioned meeting with Rose. Couple that with his encounters with the criminal world and Bo finds himself thrust into a position where he must evolve into a man. Justice and loyalty are the themes that make western books timeless. As one of the newest members of the western novel authors’ list, Dan Bradford aptly preserves these traditional themes while adding several new twists.

Online Customer Reviews:

“I’m glad you gave us a traditional tale of the Old West and that we may have another eventually. I can take an uplifting tale these days…we need’em.” – Val W.

“A sweet, wholesome romance and adventure story!” – A. Gale

“The story of Bo Henry, his friendship with Blue and his meeting with Rose is a compelling story. There is action, conflict, and suspense, as well as a little romance. All the ingredients are there to hold one’s attention!” – Sherry W.

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