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My First Blog

Thank you for visiting my site for the first time. At my age this is a strange new experience.


I’ve been asked many times about my writing such as “What style do you use?” or “Where do you get your ideas?” I would have to say that my style is free flowing. When I have an idea for a story it lingers in the back of my mind until I have to put it on paper. At that point, I have little control over what results. It flows through my fingers to the computer screen. Most of the time I can’t tell you what the next word is going to be.


The ideas for my stories develop from so many places. I have a wide background in technology that I use for my science fiction. The Hunter Owl was originally written in 1988. I had contact with the scientist working on the Rail Gun project and I combined that with the cover of the 1988 spring edition of the Edmund Scientific catalog. The original concept was to explain technologically how we progressed from the space shuttle to faster-than-light (FTL) space travel. When I started to type, the words poured out so fast I had eight pages without a single paragraph break.


My children’s stories seem to flow the same way. I have nine grandchildren and I wanted to give them something special for Christmas. I sat down at my keyboard and three hours later I had written “Akabish’s First Christmas.” By the end of the following January I felt the urge to create another  adventure about this amazing little spider.  I wrote “Akabish’s Long Journey” in a little over four hours. I found writing both books to be emotionally draining because of the profound spiritual impact I felt when composing each story.


I’ve written a third children’s story based on my distant family’s history. It’s entitled “Wewes, The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving.” The idea grew from the researching of my eleventh great-grandfather, William Bradford and his writings. 


I am also very proud to have had three of my short stories selected for three of the Proud To Be  anthologies, a collection of works in several genres submitted by veterans from World War II to the present.


I had no idea my next book, Bo Henry at Three Forks (soon to be published by Savant Books and Publications, Honolulu, Hawaii)  was going to be a western.  As Bo’s story revealed itself to me,  I discovered that his siblings and other family members were inspired by my uncles, aunts and their histories. Bo Henry’s sense of justice, fairness and integrity reflects the values of the twelve Bradford siblings including my father as well as my mother. 

Several farmers, a blacksmith and three peace officers in my heritage became aspects of characters in the first Bo Henry novel. Throughout the story, Bo must make decisions that will change his life and those of people he encounters. His relationship with his family and guidance from Judge Roads provide the moral framework for his interactions with other characters, whether they are honest or breaking the law. 




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  1. Very nice! Good luck! The children’s books are entertaining and perfect for the little ones.

    The Hunter Owl is a great story with lots of action and intrigue with challenging scientific concepts for those who dream of space exploration!

    I own copies of these and recommend them to readers out there.

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