Bo Henry Saga

Ride West with the Historical Fiction of The Bo Henry Saga

The Bo Henry Saga ropes the imagination into a historically accurate setting where sharp reflexes and quick wit are what keep the protagonist alive. Ride with Bo Henry across the wide expanses of the 1870’s frontier as he brings the west’s vilest criminals to justice. Along the way, he discovers love and friendship in the most unlikely of places as his lightning-fast gun stops injustice one draw at a time.

Bo Henry Saga Book 1: Bo Henry at Three Forks

Bo begins his journey as an inexperienced man with a strong ethic and a quick hand, but he soon discovers there is more to being a U.S. Marshall than that. Shortly after starting for his first arrest Bo discovers true friendship with Daniel Blue after interrupting his hanging. His true love, Rose O’Reilly takes his heart during their impassioned first meeting. He brings more than one criminal to justice with the use of his quick wit and lightning reflexes. This is the first of Dan Bradford’s western books making him an exciting addition to the western novel authors’ list.  CLICK HERE to read more.


Bo Henry Saga Book 2: Bo Henry at Yellow Bud

Bo and Rose have their love pushed to the limit as they come to live with the difficulties of Bo’s position as U.S. Marshall. Fortunately, Daniel Blue stays by his side even as the West’s worst gunslingers come for Bo. Bo is set on the trail of man who seems to elude him every step of the way. Bo’s sanity is tested as he questions every moral fiber of his being chasing what seems to be a ghost. Just when he’s ready to give up on the life he fought so hard for, Rose steps in to save him from himself.

Bo and Daniel both embark on new fields of endeavor. Bo’s old nemesis crisscrosses over both his and Daniel’s new careers pulling them both back into a life they thought they had left behind.

This book has not yet been published.

Bo Henry Saga Book 3: Bo Henry at Kansas City

Step out at high noon with Bo as the showdown with his elusive nemesis comes to a staggering and surprising conclusion. This ultimate confrontation tests the limits of Bo’s determination and the love he shares with Rose. Even with his family in need, Daniel Blue joins Bo one last time to play the part that has been his for so many years. The situation turns dire as Bo looks down the barrel of a shotgun and faces death only to be saved by the bonds of brotherly love.

This book has not yet been published.

Bo Henry Saga Book 4: Bo Henry U.S. Marshal

Start at the very beginning with a young Bo Henry who was still learning how to control his lightning-fast gun hand. This tale looks back at when the whole stage was set for the Bo Henry saga. Saddle up and find out what part Judge Roads played in Bo’s early days. This is a story of a young boy who had a dream and the people who made his desire come true. Each character from the saga is revealed, as well as the part they played in molding the man that Bo becomes.

This story sets the stage for the family’s influence and their part in formulating Bo’s sense of honor and justice. Despite these strong family ties, Bo is determined to find his own way in life.

This book has not yet been published.

About Dan Bradford

Dan loves to share the historical fiction he has crafted with readers of all ages. For younger children, he wrote the illustrated book featuring Akabish the spider. These titles include Akabish’s First Christmas and Akabish’s Long Journey. Wewes, The Pilgrims, and the First Thanksgiving is an amazing young adult fiction book based on members of his family. As a featured author in the Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors, Dan Bradford adds his perspective to the repository of the World War II stories, Vietnam stories, and other amazing military stories. He is pleased to make these collections available to his reading audience through his web page.

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